Welcome to our new location at Warendorfer Str. 154 in Münster!

Since May 2021, we have opened your new practice for speech therapy and learning therapy in the rooms of the old Victoria pharmacy for the districts of Erpho and Mauritz! Directly opposite the medical center at the intersection Schifffahrter Damm/Warendorfer Str. you will find our new practice rooms between the Sparkasse and the tailor’s studio. We have rebuilt efficiently for you: The shop of the former pharmacy has been completely renovated and stylishly equipped – 3 bright, modern treatment rooms on around 100 m² are now available for you and your relatives! Due to the good infrastructure and the wide range of shopping facilities, parking is no problem – you can, for example, do your shopping or drink a coffee without time pressure while your child / relative is being treated. Bus stops are almost right on the doorstep. The technical management is taken over by my long-standing and highly esteemed employee Elisabeth Becker. She is supported by her experienced colleagues Annika Kelger, Kathrin Deiters and Franziska Zastera. As before, we offer you speech therapy and learning therapy at the highest level – just drop by! We look forward to your visit and a good neighborhood!

Our team

surgery Warendorfer Str. 154

Annika Kelger

state-certified speech therapist
Technical Director

0251 – 28757081

  • Training as a state-certified speech therapist at the School of Speech Therapy in Göttingen
  • 3 1/2 years of experience in a practice for speech therapy in Greven, where among other things supervision of a curative education daycare center
  • Currently studying “Health Psychology and Medical Pedagogy” at the FOM in Münster

Main areas of therapy:
Speech development disorders, late-talker/early intervention, voice disorders, neurological disorders, myofunctional disorders, stuttering and rumbling

surgery Warendorfer Str. 154

Franziska Zastera

state-certified speech therapist

0251 – 28757082

  • 2019 Completion of training as a state-certified speech therapist at the SRH in Düsseldorf
  • Since 2019 teacher training at the WWU in Münster
  • In addition, 1 year of work as a speech therapist in a practice for speech therapy and learning therapy

Therapeutic focus: childhood language development disorders

surgery Warendorfer Str. 154

Elena Rotering

state-certified speech therapist M.Sc.

0251 – 28757082

  • Bachelor’s degree in speech therapy at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen (NL)
  • State-approved speech therapist since 2018
  • Master’s degree in “Teaching and Research Logotherapy” at RWTH Aachen University

Main areas of therapy:

  • Childhood language development disorders
  • Myofunctional disorders
  • Neurologically-induced speech and language disorders
Logopädie Praxis Mitarbeiterin Kathrin Deiters

Kathrin Deiters

state-certified speech therapist
Learning therapist

0251 – 6867374

  • completed university education for the teaching profession for the primary level (major German)
  • Training as a state-certified speech therapist
  • one-year training as a pedagogical-psychological learning therapist
  • Many years of practical experience as an employed speech therapist, comprehensive experience in all disorders

Main areas of therapy:
Initial examination and parent counselling,
Children’s language (early childhood language development disorders, pronunciation disorders, verbal developmental dyspraxia, disorders of grammar and lexicon acquisition in pre-school and primary school children, auditory processing and perception disorders (AVWS) in schoolchildren), speech flow disorders in children (stuttering and rumbling),
Learning therapy for learning difficulties, dyslexia (LRS) and dyscalculia in schoolchildren

Logopädie Praxis Leiter Stefan Warych

Stefan Warych

Practice owner
state-certified speech therapist
Learning therapist
Teaching Lecturer

0251 – 28757080

  • Studies of Ethnology, Archaeology and Philology at the University of Bonn
  • Training as a state-owned certified speech therapist, graduation 2001
  • Many years of management activity in a phoniatric-pediatric audiology practice
  • freelance speech therapist since 2004
  • Training as a learning therapist 2006
  • Head of a training institute since 2007
  • Teaching lecturer for the subjects Auditory Processing and Perceptual Disorders (AVWS) and Reading-Spelling Disorders (LRS)

Main areas of therapy: Initial examinations and parental counselling in the field of children’s language, therapy of AVWS and LRS

Logopädie Praxis Mitarbeiterin Ute Schulte-Leibbrand

Ute Schulte-Leibbrand

Assistant to the Managing Director


Logopädie Praxis Mitarbeiterin Elisabeth Otto

Elisabeth Becker

clinical linguist M.Sc.

Technical Director

0251 – 28757080

currently on parental leave

  • Graduation from Bielefeld University: Clinical Linguistics Master of Science
  • Collaboration at the Bielefeld Aphasia Screening Acute and Rehabilitation (publication 2018)
  • Many years of professional experience as an employed speech therapist, since 2017 in the practice for speech therapy and learning therapy Stefan Warych
  • Specializes in the treatment of neurologically induced speech, speech and swallowing disorders as well as tracheal cannula management
  • Additional experience in the areas of speech development disorders, myofunctional disorders and voice disorders
  • Member of the German Federal Association for Logopedics e.V. (dbl) and the Parkinsonnetz Münsterland+ (PNM+)
  • Since 2021 technical management practice Warendorfer Str. 154, Mauritz

Main areas of therapy:

neurologically induced speech and language disorders, swallowing disorders including tracheal cannula management,

Speech and language disorders before completion of language development, myofunctional disorders, functional and organic voice disorders

The practice rooms