Information about Covid-19

Dear patients,

speech therapy is and remains a medically necessary treatment. That’s why we are there for you during the pandemic and continue your therapy or that of your child / relative. Of course, we must and want to protect you and us. Here you can find out what measures we take to prevent infection:

  • We ask you not to stay longer than absolutely necessary in the practice. Take your child to the therapy room and then leave the practice. It is very important that you pick up your child or loved one on time at the agreed time. We may also arrange with you to pick up your child from the practice door and bring him back there when the therapy is over.
  • In practice, please keep the distance between us and other visitors – at least 1.5 to 2 meters.
  • The 3G rule applies: Please only enter our practice if you are either vaccinated, recovered or tested.
  • We are required by the authorities to inspect the corresponding evidence for this.
  • We carry out the therapy at the table with a so-called “spit protection” – a plexiglass pane.
  • We wear a medical respirator and/or a protective visor during the treatment.
  • After each therapy, we disinfect all contact surfaces (e.g. table, doorknob, used play material, ballpoint pen, etc.)
  • We wear disposable gloves and disposable protective gowns if necessary.

It is very important to be mindful of each other in this situation. not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!